Cage Tags, Inc. A unique and reusable tagging system for caged animals.
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Cage Tags offers a unique identification system for all small animal industries; including birds, rodents, and reptiles. This system has been designed for professional and hobby breeders, universities, laboratories, and veterinary offices. They are highly visable and can be moved from cage to cage with the animal.

While we have a complete line of Cage Tags for rabbits, we are also developing Cage Tags for other small animal industries including birds, rodents, and reptiles. If you would like to submit an idea for a new line of Cage Tags or have ideas on how to improve our current line, please send us a note about your ideas. We would love to hear from you!!

If you would like to order over the phone, call 720-443-7466
Our line of Plastic Cage Tags currently includes:
ID Tag
$ 0.49
Breeding Tag
$ 0.49
For Sale Tag
$ 0.49
Take Me To The Show Tag
$ 0.49
Blank Tag
$ 0.49
3x5 Blank Tag
$ 0.49
Show Carrier Tag
$ 0.49
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Cage Tags
Designed to work with strap clips, magnets, or cable ties.
Strap Clips, Magnets, Breeding Boards, Sharpies, Cable Ties, and SoySolv Cage Tag Cleaner