Cage Tags, Inc. A Tagging System for Small Caged Animals.
Cage Tags, Inc.
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Phone: 856-343-0973
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Cage Tags are great!
���Since I "Cage Tagged" my rabbitry, I can identify each rabbit at just a glance which makes it a lot simpler than digging through a pedigree book for birth dates and sire/dam information.
���I use blue tags for litter data and know immediately which rabbits are bred and when I can expect their litter, when they are ready to be weaned, etc.
���The "Take Me To The Show" tags are great for identifying which rabbits get to go to the show at the crack of dawn when I'm really still asleep and don't want to fumble with entry forms!
-Shari Coop, American Fuzzy Lop breeder
Unique Tagging System!
The kids and parents loved the Grand Champion Tags"
- Adams County Fairgrounds, Adams County, Colorado.