Cage Tags, Inc. A unique and reusable tagging system for caged animals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked consumer questions. If you don't see your question here, please email us at
Q. Are Cage Tags reusable?
A. Yes, even permanent marker comes off with a Soy Solv Cleaner. Customer's report that a variety of other products work well too.

Q. Should I use a whiteboard marker with Cage Tags?
A. No. We recommend using a permanent marker --like Sharpies. With whiteboard, or dry erase markers, you could loose all the information you have written down if you spill any water on the tag or it gets wet in any way.

Q. Can I get custom printing on my tags?
A. Yes, custom orders are available. The cost depends on the quantity you order. Orders of less than 100 are very expensive while orders of 1,000 or more are close to the retail price. Please email us with what you'd like, and we will work up a quote for you. We also can create clear labels with your logo and working that adheres to our Blank Cage Tags. They are economical and eye catching.

Q. Do you have specific tags for birds (reptiles, cavies, etc.)?
A. We are working on it, but aren't quite there yet. We recommend using the blank tags and writing the specific information you need. Also, please send us your ideas for other species, and we will evaluate adding them to the line. Email us at: